The Jean O’hern Story

Jean O’hern has spent decades honing her craft as a Naturopath. She has studied on her own (and still does!) as well as with other literal masters in the healing arts. Her vast knowledge of the human body and soul allow her to treat the many conditions her devoted client base needs. Jean uses her warm and loving nature combined with her sharp intellect to get to the root of each client’s problem.

First, Jean provides a caring, healing environment in the Sattva space for her clients. Then, after speaking with a client to understand their symptoms and background, Jean adds her medical intuition to the mix. Jean’s special gift as a “medical intuitive” allows her to “read” a person’s organs and body to see what is most important to focus on. She then treats the cause of the problem in order to bring balance back.  

Jean combines her decades of knowledge of herbs, enzymes and other nutrients, as well as the physical structure of the body, micro-current and her medical intuition for a truly holistic approach to healing. From children to the elderly Jean’s gentle touch is a much needed blessing.